We provide First Aid/Medical cover to events/Productions of all types across the globe, and through carefully selected partners we are also able to assist with Fire cover, Health & Safety cover, Rescue, and Security.

All our staff are experienced at covering: –
  • Film and TV Sets,
  • Triathlons, Half marathons, duathlons and other similar events,
  • Organised trips/School trips.
  • Motorsport events,
  • Equestrian events,
  • Shows/Fetes,
  • Weddings and corporate events,
  • Airsoft,
  • Construction sites,
  • And many others
We can provide staff at all levels from first aider to paramedics and doctors, and we have access to a large range of vehicles. We can supply: –
  • Front line ambulances,
  • Ambulance RRV’s,
  • 4X4 Ambulances,
  • 4X4 RRV’s,
  • Covert vehicles,
  • Motorbikes,
  • Medical Centers,
  • And control rooms.
We can also provide your event with any quantity of digital 4/3G radios and these are available for hire or to purchase. All Radios come complete with tracking software and dispatch software which can be utilised at your event. At any large event all our staff will be equipped with these radios. Our cover can be covert or overt, meaning we can arrive in our EAS Wales uniform, Hi-Viz and marked vehicles, or we can arrive in covert vehicles and in one of two Overt uniforms, either being a casual Polo shirt with just our logo, or for more formal events staff will turn up in embroided formal dress. We have staff across the UK so no matter where your event is to be located, we will be able to staff it. Our prices are competitive and our staff are well trained, most being current or ex NHS and military. Remember, excellent medical cover isn’t always cheap, and cheap medical cover isn’t always excellent. For a hassle-free quote please contact us via email, or for any last-minute requirements please ring one of our 24-hour office numbers listed below. 01639 865211   or   02920 130457